Lewitt MTP-440-DM - Dynamic Instrument Microphone


  • $99.00

MTP 440 DM

Loud and clear

Highly versatile dynamic instrument microphone.

The MTP 440 DM is an exceptionally versatile, precision-engineered cardioid dynamic microphone that is ideally suited for upscale live sound and studio recording applications. Featuring a high-performance capsule that delivers a remarkably bright and lively sound, the MTP 440 DM is perfect for miking snare drums, amps, percussion instruments, brass, woodwinds, and even vocals. The MTP 440 DM’s cardioid pattern ensures perfect off-axis rejection and exceptionally high gain before feedback. Unwanted reflections or background noise are effectively suppressed. High-quality components and rugged construction make it a top-tier choice for touring professionals and artists around the globe.



Dynamic, moving coil

Acoustical operating principle

Pressure gradient transducer

Polar pattern


Frequency range

60 ... 16,000 Hz


2.5 mV/Pa, -52 dBV/Pa

Internal impedance

500 Ω

Rated load impedance

1,000 Ω


Gold plated 3-pin XLR

Microphone dimensions

39 dia. x 159 mm, 1.53 dia. x 6.25 in

Microphone net weight

280 g, 9.88 oz

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