Galaxy Audio EVO-25D1 - Single EVO True Wireless Headset Mic System

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Product Overview

The Patented EVO True Wireless System has been a favorite of fitness instructors and performers for years. Water resistant and rechargeable the EVO Headset Mic offers a patented design that allows freedom of movement without a cable or body pack transmitter. The EVO is lightweight, comfortable, and stays in place even during the most rigorous exercise routine. The patented behind the ear design never interferes with floor exercises. The electronics have been completely redesigned to conform to the new FCC guidelines.

The EVO-25 Auto Scan true wireless system is the easiest system to setup and use. The SP-25R Receiver finds the strongest channel and all you have to do is set the headset to the corresponding channel and it’s done. The EVO remembers the setting and you never have to reset the channel. Special Projects Audio by Galaxy Audio


  • Patented Headset Design Integrates the Transmitter Comfortably Behind the Ear
  • 300 Foot Range
  • 16 Selectable UHF Frequencies
  • ​No Body Pack or Annoying Wires
  • Splash Resistant /Sweat Resistant
  • Noise Cancelling Element Prevents Feedback 
  • 4.5 Inch Flexible Gooseneck Mic Boom
  • Clear, Articulate Sound Quality
  • Comfortable Dual Ear Headband Design. 
  • Operates with the SP-25R Scan16 Receiver or with Special Projects Audio Portables
  • 4+ Hour Battery Life & Rechargeable
  • Lightweight Design 1.6 oz. (45 g)     
  • Ideal for Fitness Instructors, Gym Teachers, Aerobics, Yoga, Referee and Dance

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