IK Multimedia Amplitube 5 Max (Digital Download)

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Digital Download

Product Overview

Forged by 20 years of research and collaboration with the industry's top brands and artists, IK's Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ captures every nuance of each gear model. And AmpliTube 5 premieres our Volumetric Impulse Response™ engine, leveraging over 600 distinct impulse responses per speaker to set a new standard in cabinet sampling.


  • Legendary guitar/bass gear on your Mac/PC

    Captures the sound, feel and vibe of over 400 of the most sought-after guitar & bass gear ever.

  • Developed with top brands & artists

    Official gear from icons like Fender®, Mesa/Boogie®, Orange®, Slash, Brian May, Joe Satriani and many more.

  • Covers the entire signal chain

    Stomps, amps, cabs, speakers, mics, rooms and rack FX all in one interface, all routed the way you want.

  • All-in-one recording & performance studio

    With an 8-track recorder + DAW, looper, tuner, practice tools and live features all in one.

  • Powerful recording in your favorite DAW

    Works as an AAX / VST / AU plug-in to create killer guitar tracks anywhere.

  • The most realistic tones ever

    IK’s DIM™ and VIR™ technology ensures AmpliTube nails the tone and feel of every piece of gear like never before.