SQ1 24" - 3-Piece Shell Pack

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MSRP: $4,850.00
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Product Overview

100% European birch shells

Your SQ1 shells are the result of several blindfolded tests between Sonor and its artist endorsers. For both tone and strength, no wood combinations fared better than 100% European birch. In concert with Sonor's CLTF construction and OSM sizing, SQ1 shells offer balance across the entire frequency spectrum and a modern dry tone. Low-contact 45° bearing edges give heads the freedom to sing out to their full potential.

CLTF ply construction

Sonor's Cross Lamination Tension Free (CLTF) ply construction gives the SQ1 shells superior strength and roundness. This means better defense against aging and long-lasting great performance.

OSM shell sizing

Sonor undersizes its SQ1 shells, a process it calls Optimum Shell Measurement (OSM), to allow standard-sized drumheads to float freely on the shells. This unrestricted contact between the heads and bearing edges promises a pure, satisfying tone at every tuning range.


  • 100% European Birch shells
  • BD shells: 10 ply, 10 mm
  • SD, TT & FT shells: 7 ply, 7 mm
  • Tunesafe system - maximum tuning stability
  • CLTF tension-free shell forming process
  • OSM slightly narrowed outside shell measurements
  • 45° bearing edges
  • Sound Sustainer mounting system on all tom toms and floor tom leg brackets
  • Dual Glide snare strainer mechanism
  • 4 different matte lacquer finishes
  • Bass drum hoops with different finishes (Natural Beech and Walnut)
  • All bass drums without mount
  • Remo USA Ambassador Coated batter heads and Ambassador Clear resonant heads (snare drum, tom toms & floor toms)
  • Remo USA Powerstroke P3 Clear batter head
  • Powerstroke P3 Fiberskyn resonant head with “off-set”
  • SONOR logo (bass drums)