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DMX Sniffer/Sender Remote End 5-Pin Cable Tester

DMX Sniffer/Sender Remote End 5-Pin Cable Tester

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Instantly test cables in your stage lighting or theatrical control setups with the SoundTools DMX Sniffer/Sender.


The best in remote end cable testers is now available for DMX control cables. Rugged aluminum housing means you can depend on the Sniffer/Sender diagnostic tools for a lifetime. Three simple LED lights instantly show shorts, opens, and crossed wires in DMX cables, helping you efficiently troubleshoot your 5 pin DMX control cables.


The DMX Sniffer/Sender instantly tests for every possible fault. The Sniffer has 3 LED lights that will light up in either green or red LEDs to show whether the line is good (all green) or has errors (all red or a combination of red and green). Every unit comes with a color code read out sticker to help you diagnose in seconds.
Fun tip: A lot of users have found the best place for sticking their LED sticker is on the Sniffer unit.


Faulty cables are one of the most common issues in malfunctioning DMX networks, but testing them hasn’t always been easy. The SoundTools DMX Sniffer/Sender simplifies the cable testing process so you can test your cables where they are in your setup and know instantly if your issue is cable or fixture related. They are also covered by our Lifetime Warranty.


  • Know quickly whether it’s the cable or the fixture
  • Portable, compact testers for quick diagnosis of DMX cables
  • High-quality machined aluminum
  • LED readout sticker chart included
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