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On-Stage SMS7650 Hex-Base Studio Boom Mic Stand

On-Stage SMS7650 Hex-Base Studio Boom Mic Stand

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This versatile SMS7650 Hex-Base Studio Boom Mic Stand features two straight boom shafts. The primary boom is perfect for close miking. Attaching the short extension boom to the primary boom enables precise overhead mic placement with an extra level of angle adjustment. A counterweight balances attached mics for ease of positioning while ergonomic tension knobs and clutches lock in length and angle adjustments. Telescoping base shafts offer many height options while the heavy base provides exceptional stability, even when rolling on its removable casters.


  • Durable construction ensures dependable performance

  • Telescoping 43"–79" boom features a counterweight to balance mics and prevent tipping

  • Boom separates into two sections that each enable attachment of the 7" mini boom

  • 17 lb hexagonal base with removable casters rolls for ease of positioning

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