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LP592A-X Claw with Microphone Mount

LP592A-X Claw with Microphone Mount

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Made from an LP exclusive, proprietary plastic blend that provides maximum strength and durability this compact and ergonomic design with a spring-loaded jaw makes mounting a breeze. The Claw’s new ratcheting system allows for free rotation while ensuring solid placement of mics on snares, toms, timbales and congas. The 3/8” diameter Z-Rod is great for mounting large and/or heavy microphones while the rubber lined mount isolates mic from vibration and cross talk.


  • Proprietary Plastic Blend Provides Maximum Strength and Durability
  • Ratcheting System Allows for Free Rotation
  • Solid Placement of Microphones on Snares, Toms, Timbales and Congas
  • 3/8” Diameter Z-Rod
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