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Martin Lighting

Martin Lighting JEM C-Plus Haze Fluid - 4x 5 Liter Bottles

Martin Lighting JEM C-Plus Haze Fluid - 4x 5 Liter Bottles

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JEM™ C-Plus Haze Fluid is a water-based haze fluid formula that is specifically designed for use in the JEM Hazer Pro and JEM Compact Hazer Pro. JEM C-Plus Haze Fluid is a dense molecular formula that produces very fine haze particles, specially designed to emphasize beam and mid-air light effects, projections and lasers. The fluid produces an evenly dispersed atmospheric haze for optimal visual clarity while maintaining a peak refraction index. Besides delivering a unique effect C-Plus Haze Fluid is formulated to generate a long hang time. JEM C-Plus Haze Fluid is very economical and yields a low level of consumption ideal for the precision of performance based art in clubs, theaters and touring applications.


JEM C-Plus Haze Fluid represents decades of engineering studies and proven science to find the best combination of optical performance and fluid efficiency. C-Plus Haze Fluid is designed to have tight molecular structure with a medium rate of dispersion and high operating efficiency.


  • Finest and densest haze particles in its class
  • Superior hang time and optical clarity
  • Water-based fluid formula leaves little residue
  • Produced with ultra-pure, de-ionized water
  • Ghost white color
  • Available in various size containers to suit your needs
  • Actors’ Equity and Broadway League Approved
  • For use in the JEM Compact Hazer & JEM Hazer Pro
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