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Pro Dampener Gels

Pro Dampener Gels

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When you need to improve and perfect your drum sound, subtle adjustments is often key. And it is actually remarkable how much "doing it right" means, when you want to reach that goal.

With SlapKlatz PRO clear, you have all the tools you need to do it right.

In order to develop SlapKlatz to fulfill those needs, we had to make the right material first. This is both important for sound and practicality. From there we started testing from a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes, in order to develop the best possible dampening kit for your drums.

The result is SlapKlatz PRO.

With SlapKlatz PRO, you get 6x small, 2x medium and 2x large damper gels.


  • 6x small (2 cm) drum dampeners
  • 2x medium (3 cm) drum dampeners
  • 2x large (4 cm) drum dampeners
  • 1x pro quality waterproof carrying case
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