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On-Stage MBS7500 Professional Studio Mic Boom Arm

On-Stage MBS7500 Professional Studio Mic Boom Arm

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The MBS7500 Professional Studio Mic Boom Arm delivers quiet operation and extensive adjustability for professional broadcast, webcast, and studio applications. The mounting stem is compatible with standard mic clips and shock mounts. Internally-located springs and tension cables contribute to a silent, strong, sleek design. Reinforced hinges provide broad articulation while the base shaft and mounting stem each swivel, enabling a huge variety of positions. The compact base of this versatile boom arm can be temporarily clamped or permanently mounted to desktops, resulting in a small, space-saving footprint.


  • Flexible articulating broadcast-style mic boom moves quietly to maintain production quality

  • Springs and cables inside the tubing provide ease of mic placement and a sleek look

  • Three hinges and a rotating base make it easy to reposition the mic on the fly

  • Includes a clamp for quick set up and a screw-down flange mount for installation

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