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Radial Engineering

Radial J48 1-channel Active 48v Direct Box

Radial J48 1-channel Active 48v Direct Box

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Over the past quarter century, sound systems have evolved as have the instruments that are now used. The listener has also evolved. CD quality sound is no longer a luxury, but expected. Only now are we beginning to hear and appreciate the advantages of a good direct box. A good DI must provide a wide distortion-free frequency response and the dynamic range to handle today's powerful instruments.

Radial J48 at a Glance:

  • Active 48-Volt phantom powered direct box.
  • Minimal power draw with high rail voltage.
  • Will not choke when driven hard.
  • Low inter-modulation distortion.
  • Innovative merge function.
  • 80Hz highpass roll-off filter reduces mud and increases headroom.
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